EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: Bit of Sovereign interest near 1.2900

Two Sovereign buyers reported at 1.2900 but the amounts seem to be relatively small; low so far at 1.2896.

  1. Sean, any idea where the stops are for EURUSD? I have the feeling the big boys are looking to go hit 1.2860-1.2870 before they quit stop hunting today…

  2. I haven’t heard any talk of downside stops in EUR/USD, only in EUR/JPY. I hear Sovereign buyers at regular intervals in EUR/USD, every 10 pips or so. I can’t imagine any big players would have their stops near the 200-day MA; I’m guessing the really big macro stops would be clear below 12800??

  3. The big boys say: 1.27? No way today! 😉

    Yes, it make sense. All the focus will be anyway on the JPY crosses I guess. Thanks!

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