EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: Big European banks mention stops below 1.2875

I’m presuming that they are quite sizeable. Still hearing reports of bids at 1.2865/70. Might be again a case of doing the stops then bouncing? Good luck++

  1. i get the feeling we might push through the buy orders considering the buy dip mentality.. 80 is important support.. you still holding your au short?

  2. Yes mate, relatively small position and my average entry level is now way above the market so I’m happy to run with it through the RBA. I’m sure there will be the usual nonsense around the NFP but hopefully nothing too silly happens+

  3. I welcome Sean! Early sales from the Swiss and the European designate obviously behind a push down to 1.2900 earlier. There is also a conversation on the choice of DNT expiring today with 1,2880 bottom party of the equation. To buy the area 1.2833 obvious game in euro. Successes to you!

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