EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: All about stops, forget the PMI data

The French and German PMI numbers are only an excuse for dealers to chase stops; firstly intraday shorts were squeezed after French PMI data and now bigger stops below 1.3000 have been targeted after poor German data. More stops were reported earlier below 1.2980.

Looks like the EUR/USD bears may be regaining control.

  1. Brilliant Drive, nearly back to my overall average 🙂 Aussie corps been buying around 10230 which has slowed advance but most local dealers still bearish with HFs and CTAs selling

  2. Thank you again, Sean! I use your mathod of AUDJPY in EURUSD: add short position at 61.8% retracement of 1.3120 with double amount and just close the trade. Now I still hold short position at 1.3180 to look for more gains. It seems still bearish……

  3. Nice Yue, well done. I personally don’t like adding on breaks. I prefer to wait until mkt settles and then sell rallies, which could be to 13030 or could be to 12970?? All depends on how mkt develops from here

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