EUR/USD/Flows and Orders

EUR/USD: 40 pip range prediction was a bit optimistic

20 pips covers most of the action in Asia between 1.2925/45. EUR/JPY, as usual, was the main driver.

Some reports now of orders not too far away from the market, with sellers at 1.2965/70 and bids at 1.2900/05. That will probably be the European range barring any unexpected occurrences.

  1. Yes I am a seller @ 1.29650 or even less. But I don’t think we are about to test those highs, and think 1,29 will be cut to the upper 28’s

  2. Remember yest longs i established on this pair?well am still running them without S.L as am hoping to take a loss a little higher.This thing looks like it has repelled the Greek bailout.Hope am lucky…we’ll see.Did u take a loss on urs?

  3. No mate, still long like you but fairly smallish, also long v small EUR/JPY. But against that short AUD/USD and cable so bit of a mixed bag 🙂 Agree, look to exit EUR longs on intraday rallies and re-enter at better levels, 12850/60 I’m thinking and 104ish in the cross

  4. Hi Lam-Son, I tend to stick with core trades until I stop liking them. I was basically long cable for almost 2 years, always buying near 155 and then selling 165 and the trade served me very well. Now I am doing the opposite, selling 162/163 and hoping to buy back 152ish or even lower depending how it develops. But I do trade multiple times in between, sometimes daily if the vol is there

  5. That could take a long time to wash through the market. I change my colours very regularly Iridium, if it starts trading consistently above 163 then I’ll ‘do a Pamplona’ and run with the bulls 🙂

  6. This afternoon, i was too greedy to optimize the entry level, i have set my order at 1.2970 for dip buying strategy 🙁 See you tomorrow

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