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EUR/JPY, USD/JPY: Short-term technicals updated

I’ve updated the short-term technical outlook for both EUR/JPY and USD/JPY in the members section. The other pairs haven’t really moved from this morning.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    This overnight was choppy for the YEN. Yesterday, I got out of my short position on GBP/JPY, i didn’t feel confortable with the support on the cable. Obvioulsy, the momentum has restarted during the Asia session.

  2. Sean,

    Do you think it’s clever to play the level 1.3250 if it hold with tight stop under 1.3240 and then re-enter at the lowest with the same strategy (tight stop) ?

  3. Yes I think so Papillon, as long as EUR is well bid on crosses then buying dips in EUR/USD is a very reasonable strategy. Just watch and see how it trades and if it looks like a bottom, then try it with tight stop imho. It’s very difficult to pick exact levels in advance, always best to watch n wait

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