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EUR/JPY: Think I stopped out near the top

Certainly not the first time I’ve been stopped out near the top and probably won’t be the last. My entry levels were sloppy and I paid the price for lack of conviction. Overall I still like the Yen crosses lower, as I think the current ‘risk-on’ stance in the market is reckless. My preferred pair to trade this view is EUR/JPY and if I were to consider trading the Kiwi again, then NZD/JPY looks like a reasonable alternative.

  1. I think the most important part that idea was right. Entry levels are hard. And with right ideas you can bestopped out only at turning points:). So i think you should be proud of it. Cheers

  2. as i mentioned in “It’s hip to be squaret” post it was a good fibo level to form a top,but it may be a retrace,or change the trend to sideways i dont know,last day candle shows a obvious downtrend but today its trying to recover,i think today price oscillates on 133.20 area (23.6 of last move) and i guess finally it may break it,but i think it will be a sell rally at this point.i still have the floating positions.whats your opinion sean ? trend changed or its just a retracement ? thanks

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