JPY crosses

EUR/JPY: The move to 130 was foretold on October 19th last year

Unfortunately not by me, but by an emerging hedge fund manager, and here’s the link that some of you have been asking for.

Why didn’t I listen to him!

  1. Hi Sean,

    I’ve been in and out of LONGs on the E/J for some months now. There is a bit of a possible road block looming though with the monthly 200 EMA at the 128.639 level. That might give it some grief.

  2. LOL…I was stopped out, albeit at b/e, of my LONGs on A/J.

    Not sure about shorting any Yen with BoJ push. Also,Super Mario is out this week again. I’ll play it safe around his commentary. He can really shift things.

  3. Morning folks.posting on a Sunday? That’s is unlike SEan and something must be bothering him.About yen crosses,the trend has been up since nov last year and it might worth a thought to really think that trend is my friend.lets not go against it but put some trail stops just to avoid a cliff when it happens.

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