JPY crosses/Technical Analysis

EUR/JPY: Technical support nearby

The Yen crosses are in a bit of a freefall so I wouldn’t be trying to pick a bottom anytime soon but there is some technical support on the hourly chart at 101.30 and then 100.90.

  1. Sean, good evening!
    USD/JPY I think to buy from 77.65, to limit losses under 77.40 and the purpose 78.62, can be 78.88, there look behind price action. As to EUR/JPY, here the area of purchase sees 100.54 to 100.37, to stop losses in any case below 100.11 (can even below 100.00), the purposes 102.89 and 103.26, there to look behind price action. GBP/JPY I look behind the area 124.92 while doing by nothing with this pair, I will try to buy very little there, with very short stop as the failure of the price lower sees, to the area 123.88. Such thoughts and positions now on these pairs.

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