Flows and Orders/JPY crosses/USD/JPY

EUR/JPY starting to get hit by profit takers

There has been a fairly sharp 30 pip dip in EUR/JPY over the last few minutes with profit takers emerging in thin markets.

USD/JPY is re-testing the prior-highs-come-support at 84.15 and the bulls will be hoping this level holds. We can expect to see some of the bulls now placing their trailing stops below 83.70 I would guess.

  1. woo hoo!! and I was one of them… Being wrong all last 4 weeks about JPY strength / bullishness. had lost sizable chunks but all covered with this last Long EURJPY trade. I am out now as expect the Gap to be filled so not taking any risks.

    Holding EURUSD / EURAUD longs though

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