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EUR/JPY: Small short in play

I was in sell-rally mode this morning in EUR/JPY and am dipping my toes in the water with a small short play at 132.10 (see chart).

The interbank guys in the chat-room are reporting very heavy turnover 97.70/75 in USD/JPY on the electronic broking system ($500 mio+ has already changed hands).

  1. hi sean,i sold some ej cj uj on trend but it broke some trendlines and there are no powerful resistances remaining upside close but the trendline of last fall.so,i think its an alert that i should cut the loss.coz if the trend reverses,next target will cost much.i hope that the daily trendline resistance (starts 100.58 uj.97.50 cj and 135.00 ej) holds.whats your opinion ? trend changes or jpy charts remains bearish ?


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