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EUR/JPY shorts looking a bit healthier now

Resistance near 131.00 has now been confirmed despite the marginal break this morning and selling rallies is preferred in my biased view.

  1. I also shorted the pair just under the figure. Seeing some support at 129.50 area Your thoughts?
    Thanks for the tip. Also been long the EURUSD

  2. Good evening Sean,

    Nice to see this morning the EUR/JPY chart 😉 . Unfortunately, I didn’t add, I sleep from time to time. Do you think, it clever to add at 130.70 (2 units) ? Thanks

  3. ok mate, good luck, should be choppy now 129/131 so use dips to cover partial shorts and then sell more on rallies. Try to build overall position size this way but always keep stop-loss amount in mind

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