Flows and Orders/JPY crosses

EUR/JPY: Retail positioning not nearly as extreme as in professional market

Just reading through the retail positioning information from retail brokers like Oanda and Axi Trader and it seems that the retail market is quite evenly positioned in this pair whereas the professional market is reporting extremely long positions amongst Hedge funds and CTAs.

It looks like the retail market has quite a few stops positioned above 112.00 (me included 🙁 ) and they may well get targeted?

I’m heading out to dinner so if you could just do me a favour and whack EUR/JPY about 300 pips lower, then my dessert will taste a lot better 🙂 I’ll log back in a bit later if anything happens. Catch you later++

  1. If the “real” money is done trading for this year and it’s the specs’ game now, we could see much more stop hunting activity, especially in the Yen crosses. Now, which is the weak side? 🙂 I guess even with the positive/risk on bias both could be targeted with all the trailing stops below.

  2. I was stopped out on EUR/JPY !! I hope the next year will be better for me that shouldn’t be difficult with my poor 2012 track record. I am feeling “Depardieu” mood, this morning. My lunch will be sour.

  3. The break above 50 in USD/JPY is the final straw for me as well so I’ve taken the hit. This may well be the top but in these Christmas markets, it can stay illogical longer than I can stay solvent. The retirement trade has evaded me for another year but I think most of the fun is in the chase.

  4. I welcome Sean!
    I started gaining volume in sale on EUR/JPY, the first sale is open at the price 112.40 purchase volume is, also, reduced. The approximate purpose 103.12 or about that.
    Successes to you Sean!

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