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EUR/JPY: Resistance breaks; next level above 140.50

The 61.8% of the big fall from 169 comes in above 140.50 and that’s the next obvious technical target.

  1. Hey Sean, i should have bought this pair instead of sticking to usd/jpy only, still happy with my choices, But In your Chat room, in the techinal section Mary or Milan called for 140+ In October i believe for eur/ jpy, i should have joined then and would be 800 pips richer! Should have listened to the Pro’s in the chatroom…theres always next time…

  2. The pros get it wrong from time to time too – only ever take a trade if you are personally comfortable with it!
    I am not long Euros either unfortunately, but we just never know when the next debit crisis sparks up there. (Maybe we are past that, I don’t know, but I prefer to buy GBP if I want to be long Europe).

    1. I hear you fxgai, still i can remember even the chart which was posted in this incident, and everything was pointing towards a long, still as you said, i personally didnt feel comfortable so didn’t proceed with the trade. I even remember reading Tom Stomplers recommendations from JPMorgan in october going short at 97.5 usd/jpy or something and FXWW888 in the chatroom was against the trade, and i agreed with 888, in november a article was published mentioning the losses JPMorgan incurred for its clients based on “expert opinion” so i hear you, i take all advice with a grain of Salt, Unless of course if it comes from Sean!

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