EUR crosses

EUR/JPY looks to have scope for 116.00

I thought that 117.50 would hold but it was not to be and this retracement could easily see 116.00 before the dominant bull trend reasserts itself. I’m still running partial CHF/JPY shorts and will hold for another session or two and see how it develops.

  1. I’m with you Sean, yet EURJPY needs to test support at 116.80 lv (fibo 50% low8th – high14th and flag noted in H1 chart), then comes 116.00 (fibo 61.8%)

  2. The day it broke above 116.00 I marked my charts, knew it would return… just wish I was as sure on getting an entry back down to it.

  3. I like that way of trading Vivien, having levels you ‘know’ will be seen soon again. I find its then a matter of waiting for right ‘reward’ amount ie 200 pips or 400 pips and then probing until you get right entry level. In hindsight, the second test of 12000 earlier this week was the obvious entry level.

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