EUR crosses

EUR/JPY: High so far 109.35 and little sign of any dip happening

Relentless is probably the best word to describe EUR/JPY at the moment with no sign of any pull-back whatsoever. Optionality is expected to increase dramatically as we near 110.00 but this level is also likely to act like a magnet.

  1. Good afternoon Sean,

    This morning, I am really surprise on EUR/JPY.Right now, It seems targetted 110 and then 111.
    I am still underwater with EUR/GBP and we have broken 8080. We didn’t swing to the downside, maybe tomorrow with profits takers ??

  2. That reminds me some good souvenirs when my father watched television documentaries of Jacques Cousteau, every sundays, when i was kid 😉

  3. It’s a wild cross. but your comment echos my thoughts. Btw, it’s nice to see you again, Sean. I was not aware of your new site. Congrats

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