Flows and Orders/JPY crosses

EUR/JPY getting smashed on pre-BOJ profit taking

To say I’m an unhappy chappy would be an understatement this morning, with the long-awaited purge of long positions seemingly getting underway (after I stopped myself out). Trailing stops were triggered below 111.50 in ultra-thin markets, sending this pair 80 pips lower in double-quick time. The comments from the Greek FinMin may have set the wheels in motion but its the trailing stops which are having the real effect.

  1. Oh Dok, don’t rub it in! Not sure what to think, I’m always too emotionally involved after getting stopped out of a trade so I find its best for me to take a few days off and cool down

  2. It will be to do with the statement and whether they mention the 2% inflation target and possible measures to get there? I find it extremely unlikely that they will make any mention of new targets but the mkt is certainly pricing something in

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