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EUR/JPY: Friday night’s price action suggests bull trend back on track

Anyone who traded through the NFP data on Friday probably has the same sense that I have, namely that the bull trend is very close to re-asserting itself. Firstly USD/JPY gapped higher and then EUR/USD rebounded after a nasty spike lower. All of this left EUR/JPY 200 pips higher on the day and this is one market which seems to be screaming its bias to us in a very loud voice. Entry levels remain very important, especially for the short-term trader, but I for one will be buying dips for the next few days.


  1. Good evening Sean,

    Nice to see this morning some forex foods in the member section ;-). For this week, it looks interesting to play EUR/JPY. For instance, buy dips near 128.80, SL under 128.30 ?

  2. Morning Papillon, yes definitely like the buy dip play here but will have to wait n see what the appropriate levels are? Swissy looking bit better now, and eurchf looks to have put base in place?

    1. >Thanks Sean. It’s always a bit tricky with this game to get the right level but it could be our next target 😉 . Otherwise as you said, we have a support on EUR/CHF at 1.2200 and USD/CHF looks better shape than one week ago

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