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EUR/JPY: Fresh longs in play

This could be a bit of a longer term trade, let’s see how it develops, and if you fancy following my foolhardiness, you can do so in the members section.

  1. I’m certainly not sure at all on timing but I think mkt has beebread bearish EUR for too long now and the Greek decision might cause an end of year change of heart. The yen leg is less clear but I’m simply jumping on a bandwagon and hoping vol continues as then I’ll get lots of chances to trade up n down

  2. Nice to see, you are spot on. From my side, i’m looking at a entry level for EUR/USD, for instance at 1.2940 with a small position.
    What do think with that ?

  3. Lot depends on early European trade Papillon, that should show us how traders over there take the Greek deal news. If it doesn’t go up in first few hours then it might struggle to hold up at these levels? That’s my feeling at moment tho as always subject to violent change 🙂

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