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EUR/JPY: Flip-flopping from buyer to seller

Thankfully I haven’t been trading this pair because my instincts and timing have been pretty poor in recent days; selling rallies now looks like a better bet than my previous buy-dips recommendation. Elsewhere on the crosses, EUR/GBP should find some support near .8530 and EUR/CHF at 1.2170.

  1. Sean,

    We have broken the trendline on EUR/JPY. We could have some opportunities to sell rallies near 129.50 SL at 130.05 ?

  2. Hi Sean,

    does the target 91 of EURGBP that many people talked about still make sense?

    I went long at 8540 last night and the pair doesn’t seem to move 🙂

  3. Indeed, yesterday, I have been tempted with your idea to buy dips near 129.60 but luckily the hourly chart didn’t confirm the level.

  4. Long term I think that 91 is certainly doable but this cross can trade sideways for months on end so don’t be expecting any big bull rallies anytime soon

  5. Sean,

    What do you think with this proposition : if we fail to break on USD/JPY at 100.00 and EUR/USD seems bearish. We could have a opportunity to short on EUR/JPY. Currently, we have been capped at 129,60/70 on EUR/JPY (4H chart) ?

  6. Nice risk-reward on it Papillon so certainly worth consideration. My timing has been quite awful in eur/jpy over last week or so, my golden hen has stopped laying golden eggs for now 🙂 I’m patiently waiting for a return

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