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EUR/JPY: Adding to shorts at 130.20

I’ve only got a very small position in this pair at the moment, thankfully given the wild volatility, but I really like the risk reward in being short near 130.25/50 with a 100 pip stop looking for 127.00. I’m keeping the position small for now as we still could see some wild swings. As usual, let’s see how it develops.

  1. I’m already short with stop at 13145 but its not a large position. Still like the formation so worth a play at current levels.
    Insiders reckon EUR/GBP a good sell here 8650 but I have no strong view there

    1. This time, I hope, I am not too impatient unlike with the last week , I have just added at 131. I will intend to buyback one unit at 130.00. What do you think with that ?

    1. Hi Sean,

      Obvioulsy, the market likes USD/JPY. This morning, we are back again above 100.00. Yesterday, I would have believed a break under 99.00 ?? Otherwise, we are currently on the level you have mentioned yesterday on AUD/USD ?

  2. Sorry my friend top heart that, I’m about 15 pips away from the same fate. Don’t quite understand this but looks like USD/JPY wants to take off north again??

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