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EUR/GBP technical up-date

eurgbp1d     You can see my longer-term technical analysis in the members section, and I remain bullish here for a minimum move to .8500 and possibly .8800. Moves into EZ debt out of UK Gilts are likely to be the main long-term flow driver. Based on recent history, the current rally may struggle to get over .8275 whilst the orderly upward swings take it slowly higher, but the 55-day MA now seems to be the obvious entry level.

I will only add to existing longs when bullish momentum starts intensifying.

  1. Hi Sean, what’s your view on EUR/CHF? The pair has nice moves recently. Are these moves caused by SNB alone? Or the euro is getting more positives these days?

  2. I’m long Lam-Son, just in case EUR/CHF decides to follow EUR/JPY! I think much has to so with ‘safe haven’ status and that mkt is becoming less worried about EUR future.

  3. Makes sense but I don’t think you will get them or it will take ages to get there. Maybe try trading EUR/USD, buy pullbacks to 13185 with tight stop then try again at 13130?? At least it moves more? Just a thought??

  4. Good luck, I’m outta here fairly soon, been a choppy week up and then down but EUR cross positions now starting to look better. The market will be back to full strength next week I should think

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