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EUR/GBP: Resistance levels near .8035 holding for now

There was a nasty gap lower in the cable on the interbank open, with first prices quoted below 1.6200 after a close on Friday at 1.6325. There will be some very nasty ‘slippage’ reports this morning, but some profit orders will get pleasant surprises.

The next level to watch in EUR/GBP will be a series of daily highs at .8035.

  1. Hi Sean! Which level u think wud be best to enter for long under the Fundemantal circumstances? Would also appreciate your view on the TP level? Thanks and regards

  2. Hey Murat, needed to watch price action for a while. Nice rally off 7980 but overall trend still lower. If we can’t crack 8035 after this then I think we will fall heavily. But, still need to watch closely for another while

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