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EUR/GBP: Looking to book some interim profit near .8180

I’m long of this pair and I’m looking at important technical resistance near .8160 and thinking to myself that there are sure to be stops just above there? I will look to book some partial interim profit near .8180/90 and then re-buy on dips after that. This pair never trades in a straight line and we can expect plenty of swings-and-roundabouts on the way (higher I hope).

  1. Good afternoon Sean,

    Yesterday, i bought EUR/GBP for one unit. Let’s see how the market develops. Obviously for AUD/USD, Mr market likes this level at 1.0480. I guess, you monitor closely this level. How do you manage EUR/JPY at 108 ? Do you wait at this level to confirm the level and then you resell to attempt a pullback ?

  2. Ive got a miniscule position still in EUR/JPY and I’m, like you say, waiting to see what happens here at 108. We’ve had the first test today, and if it continues to hoild then I’ll sell more hoping for a dip to 10650, where I turn long as I think the next base might form there? That’s the plan, cunning or not

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