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EUR/GBP: Booking partial profits

I’ve been long for ages on this pair and I’m taking around 40% of my profit off the table. I entered this trade through the ‘legs’ so I’ve partially covered my cable shorts at 1.5995 and I’ve put an order on the EUR/USD equivalent at 1.3235 oco 1.3435. Hope that isn’t too complicated? Guy with good info reckons that short GBP might struggle for next few sessions so I’ll trust him and see what happens. I’m sort of thinking that we might see a dip back towards .8200 anyway so it suits my thinking.

I’m still running a long EUR/CHF trade which has an interim profit-take at 1.2485 and I squared up the balance of my CHF/JPY trade last night (nice little earner there Arfur 🙂 ).

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