EUR/CHF: Time for me to give up on long position.

I’ve had enough of the frustration and am taking my loss and giving up on this pair. It’s probably the low but I don’t care. The info hasn’t delivered so I’ll concentrate my energy and resources elsewhere.

  1. Sean, since you’re out of your long EURCHF, I will tell the SNB that they can move on now with their plan to set the new peg at 1.5 😉

  2. That’d be right Iridium. I think I should consign the CHF to the “do not trade” bucket alongside the CAD and NZD. If I keep going at this rate I’ll run out of ccys to trade!

  3. 🙂

    Sean, with the lower volatility across major ccys and may even seen lower in the future ccy wars ignited by global CBs, your choice then will be like HUF, TRY, ZAR, etc. haha

  4. Let me tell u a story sean,Once upon a time i was trading that pair.Around that time when they said the peg was unbreachable.I put my S.L at 1.1990 and waited 4 eternity for it to rise.One day a tweet notified me that the floor had been breached and on turning on my chart,it had eaten into my stop.Have never traded that pair since then.End of story 🙂

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