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EUR/AUD: Worth buying dips but keep stops tight below 1.4150

  • Consistent corporate buying has been noted on every dip towards 1.4200 in recent weeks;
  • Modest technical support seen around 1.4170 (see chart);
  • Clean break below 1.4150 opens possibility of deeper falls towards 1.3860;
  • Fed decision should be seen as risk-positive and therefore AUD-positive.

Decent risk-reward in buying dips towards 1.4170 with very tight stops below 1.4150.

  1. If risk is on AUD/NZD should perform, chart could possibly be botoming. I am entertaining idea of going long it in next 24 hours, need to wait for dust to settle a little bit

  2. You do love that pair Kirill 🙂 Definitely oversold and it’s the only AUD pair which hasn’t recovered yet. Agree there will be a sharp bounce at some stage but is it from 113 or from 111? I’d say it will do what all pairs do, stuff as many people as possible before taking logical steps

  3. I am surprised myself, but I do like that pair. Maybe be because I know nothing about neither NZD nor AUD and have less fundamental bias there))). It could bottom at 111, but I’ll take my chance here. I guess stop loss around 1250.

  4. I do not understand your terminology buying the dips on the EURAUD. I assume you want to look to go long with that phrase, Right? Do you mean sell the rallies and go short? Please explain
    The Yen Guy

  5. Hi Sean,

    I have some pretty nice bullish divergences on the 4H and daily TF on EUR/AUD, off the monthly S2/trendline. This trade looks good to me. However, weekly momentum looks to have topped. Any thoughts? Ye old conflicting signals.

  6. A have a small long as I place more emphasis on the 4H and daily but I’ll see how the pair opens next week and see if it confirms my bullish bias. Cheers Sean.

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