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EUR/AUD: Market targeting stop-loss sell orders below 1.2660

Just like the USD/JPY and Cable last night, the AUD has been on a stop-hunting spree today and the next pair to watch is EUR/AUD. There is short-term technical support at 1.2670 but trailing stops are building below 1.2660 and could be the next target.

  1. Yes,

    1.2670 should hold for asian session. also I feel the pullback in aussie is a bit overextended. looking for sell on rallies above 1.2720. no point selling here. have a sell @1.2718 already running

  2. I would be very surprised if it can get back above 10310/20 and this remains my optimal entry level. You might be right though, as there will surely be plenty of stops above 10330 so maybe they get done and then down-trend recommences?

  3. looks like eur/aud is going to go on the upside. aussie is struggling in this 1.0225-1.0240 area and it has to cross 1.0250 for me to reverse my trade of long eur/aud. bought eur/aud

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