EUR/AUD: If you’re looking for a bearish entry level…

This pair has come 20 big figures and will soon run out of steam in my opinion. I think EUR/JPY is susceptible to a sharp profit-taking sell-off but the AUD has done most of its bearish work already.

Therefore I think EUR/AUD may be a good sell somewhere, looking for a move back towards more mid-range levels at 1.34/1.35.

The level I’m looking at is near 1.4350; I will sell smalls there and if a top starts to form then I will look to sell more.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    This trade idea on EUR/AUD looks interesting. Have you noticed this last 24 hours, AUD/USD strength unlike USD/JPY ?? We have a new low on AUD/JPY and USD/JPY but it’s not the case on AUD/USD ?? Is it a clue ???

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