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EUR/AUD: Back at selling zone again

This pair treated us well on Monday and our patience has been rewarded with another chance to enter at good technical levels (see chart). Sell rallies 1.4450/60 and keep stops fairly tight above 1.4485/90.

  1. Morning Sean, I know this post is reading another Pair, But I have seen nothing really regarding my Favorite Pair, And today its pretty much been consolidating, and is still held by 98.4 till even now, Will we be breaking lower today in your opinion, or going back Up again. Today the US markets pretty much closed in Red, Tomorrow doesn’t look quite promising as well. Any thoughts on the Matter?

  2. Hi Sean, I’ve opened a small short in EUR/AUD and hope to build a position from here. I’m thinking that initially the the US debt ceiling debacle could well favour the Euro over AUD. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that possibility. I also expect the debt ceiling to be raised as usual after the customary brinkmanship predominantly from the Tea Party cot cases. As you’ve pointed out previously, the EZ debt issues should then begin to take more of the spotlight.

    As Baldrick (Blackadder) would say, “I have a cunning plan which cannot fail!”. Well, unless my stops get tripped below 1.45. If they do I’ll probably re-enter if it only pops above 1.45 briefly on a seemingly false break but otherwise leave it alone until the picture becomes clearer.

    Just briefly on the chat room. We’ve had a few attempts with the email address I had been using to no avail. I’ve used my other address on this post. Would it be possible to see if I can get an email from Reuters using this address? Many thanks.

  3. hi sean.may i ask what is the target for daily bears on euraud ? i have 2 open positions,euraud 4443 sell and audnzd 1351 buy.decided to close euraud to 4424 and treat short,but i think it may target -4400.whats your target on this ?


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