EUR/AUD: Adding to small long position

Luckily I bought near the absolute top yesterday 🙁 but I often find that these trades turn out to be the best ones (or at least I try to convince myself that they are). I’ve added to the position near 1.2455 and am running with a fairly tight stop below 1.2390.

  1. me too mate but i get a bad feeling about it. It looks nice on charts but the next move on AUD/USD is pretty open same same on EUR/USD. Lets hope that the EUR/AUD is about to trend higher and we can get away from 1.2500.

  2. Long EUR always looks like the world’s stupidest trade once it goes wrong and I’m long against the GBP, CHF and the AUD now. With ECB tomorrow, I’m hoping to get some levels where I can reduce my risk but most of my s/l levels are around the 100 pip mark and I’ve kept the positions fairly small-ish so hopefully it won’t hurt too much if all goes pear-shaped

  3. No Andras, got stopped out at absolute low so will leave this pair alone for now. Despite poor AUD data and reasonable EZ debt mkt performance, it still falls so best I leave it alone until I know whats going on.

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