EUR staying ueber bid across the board

I’m not quite sure why EUR/CHF is the exception, perhaps just to spite me, but the EUR is still going gangbusters against the JPY, AUD and GBP. I certainly don’t fancy getting in the way of this train.
Nevertheless I’m sticking with my short AUD/JPY and long USD/CHF trades, and even though my positions are small, the latter position is becoming painful.

  1. Hi Cozmin, I’ll be very very blunt; if you are using 100:1 leverage then that is a 100% guaranteed way of blowing your account up really quickly. The tiniest littlest spikes will wipe out your account. I’m pretty confident that EUR/CHF is headed appreciably higher in the next few months but no-one has any idea about short-term spikes. Plus unscrupulous brokers might trigger your stop or margin call.

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