EUR crosses/Open/Wrap

EUR slightly higher in early interbank trade

  • Fairly quiet start to the interbank trading week with EUR/JPY up at 119.15 from a close on Friday at 119.00:
  • Japanese markets are closed today which will reduce volatility during the Asian session:
  • Economic calendar is quite bare, with only minor Australian inflation data:
  • Volatility likely to come from flows as market contemplates a stronger EUR to start 2013.
  1. Congratulations Buddy, finally your trade idea clicked in a big way. You ve been calling for a long EUR crosses for a while……he he that’s funny that whenever I followed ur advice in the short run, I find myself in trouble. But in the long run, it proved very fruitful. You are a person who is wonderfully good at seeing the whole forest well rather than counting individual trees. But it is so so good that you are around mate. Thanking you 🙂

  2. Cheers Pete, and I was thinking the same thing to myself over the weekend, if I could just pick the short-term noise a bit better 🙂 No matter, can’t be good at everything 🙂

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