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EUR: Reaction to EZ FinMin headlines way overdone

The market hadn’t categorically expected any developments from the FinMin meeting but I guess the fact that it went on for so long has the market now expecting bad news. The postponement until Monday is usual EZ fare so I think this sell-off is a bit overdone. Nevertheless, we might be able to buy EUR/USD a bit cheaper in early Europe and the risk-reward for an entry near 1.2700 looks very compelling.

  1. Hi sean, i was quite taken aback by the sell off!!…what levels do you suggest building a few more longs in the eur/jpy pair..if you are bullish that is.

  2. I’m not overly bullish EUR at all its just that I think this particular move is a bit silly. I would only buy dips looking for quick 80/100 pips reversal.
    In EUR/JPY, ideally bulls will want to buy near 10350ish I’d say?
    Bigger picture I prefer to sell any EUR/USD rallies

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