EUR crosses/EUR/USD

EUR higher against the AUD and JPY in quiet Asian trade

Not a lot to report from this morning’s session with the EUR up to 118.00 against the JPY, after opening at 117.40, and EUR/AUD also making a decent 50 pip move higher after the slightly disappointing Australian jobs data.

I’m expecting trading conditions to remain quiet until Europe comes in and I’m still a big fan of the buy-dip play in most EUR pairs.

  1. hi Sean, i am still expecting EUR/AUD to fly higher toward 1.28 although i am still holding long EUR/USD at 1.31. hopefully weak Aussie data is not bad omen for EUR longs like us! 😀

  2. Hey Dok, you must be close to retiring soon with all those winning trades 🙂 Feeling pretty comfortable still with long EUR trade, am looking for 13450ish in EUR/USD and 12500 in EUR/CHF. EUR/AUD is a forbidden word after I got dumped off at lows 🙁

  3. no, Sean, i’ve been “tailing” you since you are on forexlive and i’ve learned a lot from you! 😀 although i’m very surprised to see you decide to quit and been searching you for whole year! 🙁

    have my stops at 1.3185 so let’s see how it develops.

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