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Early Europe walks in to see EUR at much higher levels

It will be interesting to see what the Europeans think of EUR/USD near 1.3100? I think we may see some selling initially as clever longs book their post-FOMC profits and some of the crosses return to more equilibrium levels. There is little reason for EUR/AUD or EUR/GBP to move significantly on Fed policy, but that is what happened.

  1. I shorted earlier GU & EU. The moves yesteday was much exagerated and fundies didn’t really change (yet) so keeping my USD bullish bias and short for GBP & EUR.
    Anyway … one more day and I’m on holiday 🙂

  2. Hi Sean,

    I found it strange crosses like EURAUD dropped when risk-on. They usually went down when the sky is blue and up when cloudy. I’ve started selling them hoping this was just a market lag.

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