Early Asian FX market staying very quiet indeed

Nobody is showing any interest according to local banks and when much of the focus is on USD/CAD, then we know that things really are quiet! The heavy rainstorms in Hong Kong will delay the opening of their stock-markets and are giving traders yet another excuse to do nothing.

I’ve updated any orders I know of in the members section and I’ve also updated my personal positions, for anyone who’s interested. As before, if you don’t have a log-in just let me know and I’ll e-mail one to you.

By the way, many of you will know Milan, one of the regular contributors in the comments section, and he’s just started a new role with Order Flow Trading, so have a look and see what you think (free plug for the day 🙂 ).

  1. Yes Muneer, for sure USD/JPY is the biggest component. I like to look at the ‘legs’ separately and if for instancde I’m bullish $Yen and also bullish AUD/USD, then I definitely look at the AUD/Yen cross for good entry levels

  2. Not sure Mike, I’ll ask him. I know he has a long-term profile on there. I checked out his info overnight and it was very accurate compared with my interbank sources, so he may be onto a winner there 🙂

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