Day ahead in the FX market

  • Should be quiet in Asia as holiday period gets closer:
  • EUR/JPY closed gap to 109.90; this is now important support and expect large trailing stops below there:
  • AUD/USD is holding firm above 1.0510, buoyed by sharply rising iron-ore prices:
  • RBA meeting minutes may provide some life in late morning trade:
  • EUR/USD is consolidating in very tight 30 pip range, look to EUR/JPY for leads:
  • Corporate and real-money flows starting to dry up and Sovereigns can also be quiet at this time of year.
  1. Hi Sean, i followed you quite a lot on forexlive and enjoyed your posts, actually i think it was exactly a year ago you left for Ireland and never came back. Anyway good to see you are up and about bookmarked your site already of course 🙂

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