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Day ahead in the FX market, Friday January 11th

  • Japanese trade data at 23:50 GMT:
  • Chinese CPI at 01:30 GMT:
  • EUR/JPY, double-weekly high at 117.75:
  • AUD/USD: Barrier reported 1.0600 with stops above 1.0605:
  • EUR/USD: Targeting recent highs at 1.3310.
  1. Morning Rehan, don’t have strong personal view but all feedback from interbank mkt is bullish with talk of buyers aplenty. Looks like if 8480 breaks then ‘fresh air’ to 8800??

  2. Did USD/CHF spike down to .9110? on FXCM platform i’m showing a spike down but other charts are showing a low around .9125/30.

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