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Cutting short-term trades ahead of the weekend

I’m taking my 5 pip loss in the cable and my 85 pip profit in USD/JPY and heading into the weekend with only my core long USD/CHF and long EUR/AUD trades in place. Obviously there will be some choppy trade around the NFP but they can do so without me. Any 150/200 pip moves will offer good counter-trade opportunities, as this market simply has no appetite for momentum in any direction.

Have a great weekend and catch you on Monday++

  1. Thank you Sean. I am heading also to weekend with my USD/CHF longs. Wonderful week I had closed very high in the green. Have a good weekend.

  2. sean,

    i would recommend you to stay away from the damm cable. it does weird things. I am sure you must be in good profit before you closed in tiny loss

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