AUD,NZD/GBP crosses/Trade Ideas/USD/JPY

Come on Aussie, just another 80 pips!

  • I’m stuck with a bad AUD/USD position from yesterday at .9600 and being a stubborn old goat, I wore it down to .9430 today and will be very happy if I can get out of it around .9580 for a small 20 pip loss.
  • On to brighter trades, I’m still long cable with a beautiful average entry level, and I’ve put an offer in at 1.5575, hoping for a nice early morning surprise.
  • I’m also very small short USD/JPY, I’ll sit on that for a while and see what happens.

Have a good night trading and I’ll catch you tomorrow, when TGIF.

  1. You a stubborn old goat ?? You are rather agile like a cat in the FX jungle 😉 . Look AUD/USD at 9600. As you say “just try to minimise losses and maximise profits”.

  2. Am in exactly the same boat Sean, been riding this a$$hole down from 9580 and praying to God that the big players ‘ strategy is to wait for liquidity at Europe to start taking profit. Well guess what they have, and that’s when the correction began.

    I just managed to clock out of my trade at breakeven, thank heavens for that massive spike at the end of european close. This was my worst trade of 2013…I was down 10 friggin per cent! Even though Im out for $0 I feel like throwing some plates at a wall right now i tell you! Argh!!

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