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CHF/JPY might be worth a look at these levels

This is not a pair I trade at all but I’m thinking that the recent Yen selling is looking a lot over-stretched so it’s a matter of which cross pair the contrarian wants to look at. Perhaps the CHF might be a good currency to short, the roll on this trade must be pretty flat and with real money starting to sell the CHF, surely it might be worth a look.
I’m not able to check my charts at the moment but some of you excellent technical analysts might be able to find a good entry level on the 4-hr chart?

  1. hy sean,how are u?plzz range of nzdusd and nzd jpy?8200 byuing intrest is very very good last week but stop is too short the miss trade is 8190……..

  2. Hi Rehan, no inside word on NZD at moment but its likely to follow the AUD/USD very closely so we can expect further gains. Probably 8350/8470 s/t range with bullish bias?

  3. We need to know how serious Abe is about changing the BOJ, this could be major 2013 trend although the IMM said the market already short Yen in a couple of weeks. I am long already the USD/CHF as a semi hedged EUR/USD.

  4. I like the long USD/CHF play Tony, this could be a sleeper which suddenly starts to play catch up. I think many pro traders are waiting for fiscal cliff to pass before jumping on this one but you might be the ‘early bird’ on this one??

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