CHF: Still no sign of big asset manager moves

I’m somewhat baffled still by what’s happening in the CHF and why the market is happy to sit on Swiss assets almost indefinitely and yet start bailing out of everything else. The CHF has strengthened against the other majors bar the Yen, and the only reason for this surely is creature habit; the market does what it’s done before in the recent past.

I’ve been having a good run of things recently and I still stubbornly believe that I’m right and that the Swissy will weaken eventually (and when it does, it will be a very sharp fall). I’m looking at the GBP/CHF as a lower-risk way of playing this idea and I will look to buy this cross on any dips towards 1.4350.

  1. Well my target was hit but i was stopped out at 93.13 for a measly 2 pip profit. Oh well. thinking this move down is just a stop hunt and we rebound. may be a long evening for me.

  2. Same feeling with you Sean. The Swiss Franc that I knew of was less than half a British Pound, well below the dollar and in par with AUD (a bit higher).

    USDCHF move looks random these days. I am smashed too.

  3. I don’t understand why the Swiss economy can withstand its currency overvaluation. Perhaps because rich Chinese people keep buying Rolex watches no matter how expensive they are 🙂

  4. in my humble opinion, 3 yrs tracking this pair(in trades as well)..as my hedge to eurusd, this pair has done nothing out of the blue. the key i think is how the eurchf moves, irrespective of eurusd..

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