Neven Basic is a professional golfer who has competed on the Asian, OneAsian, Australasian and Japanese golf tours. He is also a BComm graduate with a very keen interest in the foreign exchange markets. In particular, he is fascinated by the obscene spreads that some banks and brokers charge their clients when exchanging foreign currencies. He has travelled extensively, throughout Asia in particular, and has endeavoured to find out what and where are the best places to exchange money whether you are a tourist, an importer/exporter, or simply sending money overseas.

Neven will keep the ChangingMyMoney blog updated with all of his undercover reconnaissance, plus he will keep us abreast of happenings in the exciting world of professional golf.

Sean Lee is a well-known foreign exchange market trader and commentator. He has developed some extremely successful FX-trading related websites including Reuters FXHub and ForexLive, and is currently managing his own on-line FX business, FXWW.

Sean will bring FX market news, views and developments to the ChangingMyMoney blog.