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USD/JPY: Definitely prefer the sell-rally play in short-term

Yen crosses still look liable to deeper falls in my view, led by EUR/JPY but with others like NZD/JPY also looking fragile after massive up-moves. The big level to watch today in EUR/JPY is 136.20. Option-protection and semi-official bids near 101.00 have been very strong indeed but the stops below 100.70 are reportedly massive as

USD/JPY looking most likely of majors to make big move

Larger positions will tend to get increasingly nervous the longer a currency pair trades in a sideways formation; Plenty of large JPY-short positions have been built up over the last 18 months, particularly from Japanese investors; USD/JPY hasn’t risen in line with global equity markets; Technically, a break below 100.70 would suggest that the holding

USD/JPY: Hedge funds main driver behind recent rally

It’s getting increasingly hard for professional traders to generate any returns in these markets and it’s no surprise to see hedge funds clambering once more onto their favoured USD/JPY long trade in the hope of a developing trend. The clever ones bought in around 101.00 when the stops were being triggered and the Japanese semi-official

USD/JPY: Stops both sides of market ahead of Kuroda speech

USD/JPY reacted surprisingly little to the BOJ policy announcement. There had been some small expectation that the inflation target might be softened but we saw no sign of this. Perhaps Kuroda-san might say something during his press conference in 30 minutes? Plenty of big orders still being reported with semi-state and Sovereign types on the