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USD/JPY: “Follow the Money” suggests downside risk for USD/JPY ahead of BOJ meeting

There has been a perception in the Asian market for decades that the big Japanese corporates somehow had the inside rub on major policy shifts by the BoJ. The idea being that hedging amounts tended to increase or decrease significantly in the lead up to major meetings. Next week’s meeting is looming as a major

USD/JPY: Swing trading still the approach, but not so sure about bias anymore

I’ve been approaching USD/JPY with a swing trading mentality and a mild bearish bias, and whilst I’m still happy to trade the swings I’m not so sure about the bias anymore. There are a lot of (virtually every!) professional traders and analysts who are convinced that we are headed much higher and I guess I

Prefer to trade USD/JPY and AUD/USD pre- and post-ECB

The EUR will be whippy and silly at times I’m sure and even the GBP will get turbulent with EUR/GBP flows. I prefer to trade slightly ‘independent’ pairs like USD/JPY or AUD/USD during EUR-related risk events like today. We should get volatility but prices should return to some sort of normal value soon afterwards. USD/JPY

Longer term JPY positions likely to be tested today

Forget about fundamentals, once the market gets a nasty shock the obvious reaction is to scale back on all open positions and exposure. One of the biggest positions in the market is short JPY and these positions could be tested in today’s conditions. I’m not taking any positions but I’m definitely looking at trading the

USD/JPY: Playing from short side again today

The market stalled in NY trade at a technical support level near 117.55 and with fundamentals still bullish alongside the trend, any stalling will have the market immediately thinking re-bound. But these rebounds will be shallow in my opinion and further heavy option-related stops down through 117.50 and 117.00 will surely be targeted, just like

USD/JPY: Pick a wide range, looks like it will be whippy

E-commerce dealers at the major banks were reporting sharply reduced liquidity yesterday and this will mean more volatility in a heavily-positioned USD/JPY market. The trend is obviously very strong but pull-backs will be sharp and painful. Put your traders cap on as we could easily see 300/350 pip ranges over coming sessions, perhaps 119.00/122.50, or