USD/JPY: More sideways trading likely with medium-term bull trend still intact

USD/JPY has been going sideways for the last 3 months and I see no reason for this to change just yet. The bullish daily trendline held very nicely near […]

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USD/JPY: Still hovering above important support levels

I don’t see much point in getting involved in USD/JPY at the moment. There is major support coming in near 101.25/50 with stops below there whilst resistance will be […]

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USD/JPY: Still prefer the short-term sell-rally strategy

The market remains bullish USD/JPY and it also remains long and susceptible to short-term clean-outs on the downside. The bulls have drawn a line in the sand near 101.25 […]

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USD/JPY: Important technical support levels ahead of heavy stop-loss orders

  • Weekly intermediate bullish trendline comes in near 101.40;
  • Series of daily lows near 101.20;
  • Daily trend lows 100.75;
  • Heavy ‘liquidation’ stop-loss orders from macro funds reported below 101.00.
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USD/JPY: Plenty of dip buyers around but…..

I’m not too sure what to do with USD/JPY. Overall it looks like we are in a holding pattern somewhere between 101/105 and that we will see 110+ once […]

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Real money players behind overnight USD sell-off

Some well-connected traders in the FXWW chat-room are speculating that even better connected types were behind the overnight USD sell-off! With the latest Fed minutes due out tomorrow, perhaps […]

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Ukraine tensions and inactive BOJ spooking JPY shorts

The most obvious trade at this very moment in time is to be long Yen, or at the very least not to be short! Increasing tensions in the Ukraine […]

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USD/JPY: Hard to see it breaking out of 101.50/104.50 range

Some of the JPY crosses (particularly EUR/JPY) are starting to look a bit ‘toppy’ and if the crosses turn lower then USD/JPY will also struggle to maintain any bullish […]

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USD/JPY: Looks really well bid but….

I haven’t been trading this pair, although I did take a small long in CAD/JPY near current levels based on the basing formation break. Buying USD/JPY near trend highs […]

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USD/JPY: Testing daily highs at 103.75, stops likely through this level

I saw one of the more experienced and successful intraday traders go long this pair yesterday near 103.25 with a very reasonable target at 103.85. He obviously […]

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USD/JPY: Probably another false move

  • The market remains very bullish on USD/JPY but market positioning is also still quite long;
  • End-of-financial-year flows are now done and we will see the new-financial-year hedging start as early […]
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USD/JPY: Continue to leave alone until end-of-fin-year flows are complete

Sorry, I’ve got no clues on USD/JPY.

AUD/JPY looks very bullish but resistance is pretty strong near 94.50 whilst EUR/JPY looks bearish but has solid support 140.20/40.

End-of-financial year flows in […]

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USD/JPY: Now known as “TCPFKAUJ”

The currency pair formerly known as USD/JPY :)

Whatever happened to the movement and volatility which we had come to expect? The end-of-financial-year flows (March 31 in Japan) must be […]

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USD/JPY: More range trading the likely outcome

I’m sure that the market will be getting bullish at the top and bearish at the bottom, but further range tarding is the likely outcome for USD/JPY.

I expect extended […]

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USD/JPY: Large bids reported towards 101.00

USD/JPY as usual will be all about stop-loss runs. The market is bullish and wants to buy. but momentum simply isn’t strong enough and the Yen shorts are constantly […]

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USD/JPY: Try to pick the 200 pip range

The market is long and bullish which should ensure dips are well supported but rallies will attract profit takers.

Sounds to me like a good recipe for range trading and […]

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USD/JPY: Market expecting semi-official bids near 101.80.

Last time that USD/JPY traded under 102.00 there were reports in the market that semi-official players like Kampo were on the bid. I can’t confirm it yet, but the […]

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Quick look at order books in early Asian trade

Not much happening in the FX market this morning despite lower stockmarkets across the region.

  • USD/JPY turnover above 102.75 was extremely heavy yesterday with Prime Brokers suggesting that macro longs […]
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