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Who’s doing best in these markets? Definitely the discretionary traders!

Well that is an exceedingly easy question to answer! Experience is showing it’s value with the ex-institutional traders showing (in general) quite exceptional returns over the last 8 weeks. After adjusting for leverage, we are seeing the following average results: Discretionary ex-institutional traders: Average unleveraged returns of 5.6% pm over the last 2 months. We

Global Liquidity Conditions: So what should we be trading in spot FX world?

Global liquidity conditions were, according to quite a few learned commentators (eg Morris Goldstein 1998 a contributing factor in the 1997 Asian financial crisis as well as the 2008 global financial crisis. Now when I read through the interbank research in the FXWW-Messenger chatroom, its all about Repos, TOMOs, POMOs and bills! Credit …

Blow-up, Golden Touch, and other required Trader Criteria explained

Regardless of whether you are trading equities, cryptos, currencies or futures, there are some analytic criteria which are very objective and others that are more subjective. Length of track record, police and reference checks, or strategy description are criteria which are black and white; you are either in a position to provide them or you

FX Market Sentiment & Positioning; week to 26th Jan 2018

Our proprietary analysis of online and social media sentiment in the major FX pairs shows a disparity between professional and non-professional traders. USD sentiment remains 50:50 with professional traders whilst the bears are clearly in charge at 32:68 amongst the retail trading community. Positioning data does not yet support the sentiment measure in either the