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EUR/USD outlook: Range trading likely between 1.3280/1.3425

EUR/USD is still unable to generate significant momentum; Banks and prime brokers report heavy buyers near 1.3280 and heavy sellers near 1.3425; EUR/JPY looks bullish but will run into significant technical resistance 132.00/70; EUR/GBP maintains bearish bias whilst below .8600; EUR/CHF is range-bound and EUR/AUD looks likely to re-test 1.5000 sometime soon. Can’t see any

USD/JPY outlook: Trading right at top of wedge formation

Break out of consolidative wedge formation (see chart) should see prices testing 101.40; Hedge funds have been buying heavily again over last 24 hours on divergent CB policies; Recent history suggests caution however as this pair has been in consolidation mode and risk-reward favours shorts with stop above .9910; JPY crosses starting to look bullish

AUD/USD outlook August 22nd: Targeting .8850 test

Main risk event today is the HSBC China PMI; Close below .9000 is psychologically important and keeps bearish pressure in place; .9200/30 is now looking like formidable resistance; Crosses like GBP/AUD in particular look very bullish; Change of government likely to be bullish AUD but that’s over 2 weeks away; I’m still long AUD/USD but

EUR/USD: Main risk still to the topside

I think you just have to read the comments on this or other sites to realise that the overwhelming sentiment in the market is bearish on EUR/USD! Most traders are looking to sell rallies for the ‘inevitable’ fall to 1.20 but the claims of the Euro’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Structural flows remain primarily

AUD/USD: Adding to longs at .9075

AUD/JPY support at 88.70 has broken but there has been no significant follow through. EUR/AUD has rallied over 250 pips since yesterday and is nearing resistance levels at 1.4740/50. The break-up acceleration level in AUD/USD was at .9050 and that level should provide solid support. I reduced my longs last week at .9200 and am

EUR, GBP still looking quite strong

Any big move higher in EUR is likely to be driven by equity-manager flows according to bank research that I’ve read; Very important EUR/USD resistance levels remain near 1.3425 but with stop-loss buy orders likely above there, this level is a red-rag to a bull; On the crosses, EUR/GBP looks heavy whilst below .8600, EUR/CHF

USD/JPY outlook August 19th: Conflicting forces at play but bear-strategy favoured

Big players remain very long of USD/JPY; Crosses are mixed with AUD/JPY and GBP/JPY looking bullish but EUR/JPY and CAD/JPY running into quite heavy selling interest; Higher US yields should be favouring USD/JPY bulls but the fact that it can’t maintain rallies, despite the Fed/BoJ policies, is a damning bearish indicator; Big option plays should

AUD/USD outlook, August 19th: Consolidation before more gains

I’m still of belief that a base is in place near .9000 and will only change this view below .8950; Strong moves in metals will benefit AUD but sell-off in global equity markets is a bearish factor; Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some extended .90/.93 consolidation pre-Australian general election; AUD/JPY made a bullish