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USD/JPY: Definitely prefer the sell-rally play in short-term

  • Yen crosses still look liable to deeper falls in my view, led by EUR/JPY but with others like NZD/JPY also looking fragile after massive up-moves. The big level to […]
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Professional market turning cautiously bullish JPY

I have read a number of quite bullish JPY predictions from major banks over the last few days. Geo-political considerations are the main driver as well as presumedly large […]

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AUD/JPY: Stay short for now, reverse on bigger dips

  • Very solid technical resistance now at 96.55;
  • Short-term market sentiment seems to have swung in JPY favour;
  • The RBA will continue to try and talk the AUD down;
  • USD/JPY is in sideways […]
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AUD/CHF: Small longs still in play, looking to add on dips

This is a very long-term play for me and I will be trying to build on this position in coming months. In very simple terms I’m bullish AUD and […]

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EUR/AUD: Contrarian trade idea

I guess if the EUR/USD is susceptible to a short-squeeze and the AUD/USD is capped by option sellers, then we should consider a contrarian EUR/AUD trade :)

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Positions: Short USD/CAD, long USD/CHF

Basically I’ve got a CAD/CHF long position which is unlikely to move too far too fast! That suits me fine as I tend to struggle in these choppy sideways […]

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USD/CAD: Still short but conviction starting to wane

The inability of the market to test levels below 1.0800 and the general USD-bullish sentiment in the market is lessening my conviction on my short USD/CAD trade. I will […]

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USD/CHF: Building long position

I’m bullish and now long in USD/CHF. My timing might be off, that’s where we always need a bit of luck. Looking at the technical set-up and the moves […]

By |May 30th, 2014 7:22am (Sydney Time)|fxww, Trade Ideas|4 Comments

EUR/GBP: Risky contrarian trade idea

  • 99% of the market is now bearish EUR/GBP which does suggest that we may be in for a relief rally;
  • We are hearing increasingly loud rumblings out of Germany that […]
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AUD/USD: Looking to start building longs at .9175

The NZD is still looking a bit soft overall and that is also having an adverse impact on the AUD. Iron ore prices were hit pretty hard yesterday after […]

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GBP/JPY: Stop raised to 169.55 (edit)

I really should have listened to my instinct yesterday when everything was screaming at me that the Yen crosses were set to turn lower. Call it post-BOJ blues or […]

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GBP/JPY update: Feels like I might have missed the top

No matter what anyone says, trading does involve an element of luck. When things are really going your way, those ‘flyer’ take-profit orders get executed and then it’s easy […]

By |February 19th, 2014 4:28pm (Sydney Time)|fxww, Trade Ideas|1 Comment

USD/CAD: Shorts edging into the money but going is slow

I’ve been short since Monday morning and USD/CAD is again testing last Friday’s lows at 1.0935. Goldman Sachs reckon that support should be very strong at 1.0880 and that […]

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EUR/GBP and AUD/NZD in ‘recovery’ mode

These have been two of the more persistent bear trends in the crosses in recent months but both pairs are starting to show signs that a ‘bottom’ may be […]

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GBP/JPY trade update

I’ve got a fixed take profit order at 172.15 on last week’s long position and with EUR/GBP possibly looking to form a base, I think it makes […]

By |February 18th, 2014 6:45pm (Sydney Time)|fxww, GBP crosses, Trade Ideas|1 Comment

EUR/GBP: Taking profit on medium-term shorts

  • I’ve been short this pair for months but the fact that we’ve consistently stalled at a major technical support level near .8150 (61.8% retracement of .7750/.8810) must be taken […]
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GBP/JPY trade update

I’m still long of this pair and feel very comfortable being long GBP across the board.

I’ve adjusted my short-term targets and will look to book profits if we […]

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USD/CAD: Fresh shorts in play (the ultimate reverse indicator)

My track record in the CAD is abysmal but all signals are pointing lower and I’m trying a top-picking short position near 1.0990. I’ll keep it fairly tight for […]

By |February 17th, 2014 7:56am (Sydney Time)|fxww, Trade Ideas|2 Comments