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GBP crosses hit hard as trailing stops kick in; GBP/JPY technical support at 164.00

GBP/JPY was the main mover yesterday driven by a carnage of trailing stops across the board; USD/JPY stops below 101.70 were indeed sizeable, Cable stops post-data were also significant and of course the cross then started falling like a stone once it cleared 167.50. Be aware that there is solid technical support in GBP/JPY near

Today’s highlights from the FXWW-Reuters chat-room

Once again apologies to all those awaiting access but we should have it sorted out very soon (as you know, IT stands for Irish Time 🙂 ). ” Sean Lee FXWW 06:55:51 GBP/AUD continues to accelerate higher and the next target for mine is weekly highs just below 1.8500. GBPAUD= – Screenshot.png GBPAUD= – DesktopObject.xml 07:08:51