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Permission please to scream and be generally annoyed

AUD/JPY in particular was screaming at us that a base was close yesterday. It always looks it’s absolute worst right at the bottom and I’m pretty sure we saw an important base happen yesterday. Presuming the big hedge fund clean-out is done, I think we can get back to normal market conditions and start selling

Nikkei over 5% lower; looking for deep AUD/JPY dips intraday

Like I said yesterday, large macro hedge fund is exiting positions across multiple markets and this is having a huge impact across various markets. The Yen crosses are being most impacted in the FX space. Being a typical contrarian I’m looking at buy opportunities in AUD/JPY, but I will need a premium entry level given

Big hedge fund bailing out of positions across all financial markets

Many thanks to our hedge fund insider for this latest tasty morsel of information. One of the ultra-huge hedge funds started dumping positions yesterday in cash, bonds and equities. Part of this position adjustment was almost certainly in USD/JPY but the 300 pip fall there was also partly caused by the risk-averse sentiment out of other

GBP/CHF: Exiting at break-even; think timing is wrong

I think these are perfect markets for intraday swingers with 200 pips readily available on almost a daily basis if you can pick the right pairs and wait patiently for the correct opportunities. EUR/JPY looks to me like a classic ‘sell-rally’ proposition and if it’s going to turn lower then I’m best to stay out

EUR/JPY: Going short again near 130.90, tightish stop

Last week’s sell-off might be an indication of more to come. USD/JPY peaked back above it’s 98.90/00 break-up level but hasn’t sustained this move. EUR/USD is trading towards upper-end of recent ranges. EUR/JPY is near 61.8% retracement of 133.80/126.15. I’m not overly confident this time around so I’m running with a tight-ish stop above

AUD/USD back near .9400 again; EUR/JPY still with bit of topside potential.

AUD/USD: The first attempt at cracking strong technical support at .9390 failed earlier this morning and it looks like we’re about to have another crack once Europe gets up and running. EUR/JPY: Triggered trailing stops above 129.50 this morning and is still hanging around this level suggesting to me that we might have another try